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This is where I’ll show you how I went from day one, dollar zero, to a business with tons of chaos that demands all my time..

To today – being able to leave when I want to have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, without having to babysit or worry if everything going to be ok in my business. 



Private group & live training calls

Each week I host a live call in the group where I share strategies, tips, and tricks to increase your revenue without sacrificing time with your family.


How I am able to work as little as I want

I’m going to show you how I build my business around my life, so I am no longer a slave to the business. We want to create wealth, no another JOB for ourselves.


A like-minded community

Shop Talk is a community of entrepreneurs & business owners to help answer your questions and keep you inspired in your business.

I know what works & what won’t work

Although nothing is ever built overnight, I’m here to show you how to do it faster than I was able to. How am I going to do that?

Well I’m glad you asked.

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of businesses that were chaotic but successful.

And others that never took off and had no idea where it was going which ultimately lead to failure.

And I continued down that same path when I opened my business till one day I said I’ve had enough of this shit and got serious.


It’s simple actionable steps that get you where you want to go.

No one needs their hand held.
But everyone can use solid direction. 

that’s what I’m here to offer.



Anthony has been a huge help in getting my shop to where it is today. Starting from nothing I had a lot of unanswered questions that I thought I could just figure out. I’ll tell you from personal experience it’s much easier to learn from others’ experiences, Anthony has that experience and knowledge. He’s answered questions that I didn’t even know to ask. I’m glad to call him a friend and look forward to our monthly phone calls and chat sessions.

Joe Barton, Freedom Offroad

It doesn't matter what industry you're in - business is business. That was clear from my coaching from Anthony. although my business is all digital assets and consulting, he was able to help me establish strategies around hiring and delegation that were instrumental in the grown and expansion of my business, by freeing up my time to be the visionary i need to be to hit my financial targets.

Amber Castañeda, Catalyst Media LLC

Anthony Montoya owns and operates the number one body and repair shop in Gallup, New Mexico, Autoworks. He has successfully grown this business from the ground up, to high 5 figure months, with the freedom to delegate to a team so that he doesn’t miss a moment with his wife and 5 children.


Where is the Membership Group Hosted?

The Shop Talk group, content and calls are hosted in a Private Facebook Group. Since you’re on Facebook anyways, there’s no need to download another app!

What if I can't make the Live Calls?

All calls are recorded and posted into the Private Facebook Group. As long as you have an active membership, you can go back and watch them at any time.

How much is the Membership?

If you sign up today, you’ll be grandfathered into Shop Talk for only $97/month. This is the LOWEST price it will ever be offered at again. 

Why a Coaching Group?

A coaching group allows me to help more people in a shorter amount of time, on your part. Through this group I can help more people reduce the time it takes to find the success you’re looking for! Not only that, but in this group, you will be surrounded by many other like minded people, on a similar mission.

How do I know it's right for me?

If you’re a business owner – entreprenuer or solopreneur – or someone that wants to start a business, then there will always be something to learn in Shop Talk and from the community. Depending on where you are in your business, you may be drinking from a fire hose at first, but just hang on – the community & I are here for you.

Can I Cancel My Membership?

Yes. If you feel for any reason you’re not receiving 10x the value you’re paying for, you may cancel at anytime, no questions asked.

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